when you look inside yourself you see the universe and all the stars in infinity.

Carl Jung

Won’t you stick around now, for my love?

Won’t you stick around now, for the drugs?

eye feel you everywhere I go. 

eye feel you everywhere I go. 

Dark Matter Adventures

I have to admit there was a bit of madness with this.
Through my skepticism my curiosity dove into an abyss.
Where I started pushing barriers and planting seeds.
Fuckin doing everything that seemed so foreign to me.
Most everyone is the same and resistant to change.
Afraid that the previous experiences will remain.
But this gravitational pull abducted my freedom.
Kidnapped my rules and held them hostage in its coliseum. 
Dark matter adventures ensued as danger consumed.
There was nothing my resistance or hindrance could do.
A paramour of some sorts just bewitching the soul 
Taking my subconscious to places I have never known.
I met synchronicity there with such a cynical stare that
Forced my defenses into a desperate state of despair.
Magnetism took hold as I watched my weaknesses unfold and
All that I knew gets stolen and construed, but I did not panic.
I can be precarious as the universe is undoubtedly mysterious 
But I stood ground and kept faith in my fate just to see this is galactic..
These dark matter adventures on my path is a destiny full of magic.
A supernova star exploded in my heart chakra 
Emanating every fragile word that spilled all in to this mantra.
Magic is to be felt never meant to be understood 
And even if you tried you never really could.


Alicia Stella

the old me is dead. the new me isn’t here yet. but I’m blooming perfectly.

the old me is dead. the new me isn’t here yet. but I’m blooming perfectly.

To understand everything is to forgive everything

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There are planets whose orbit isn’t circular, it’s oval shaped, their day and nights are so extreme that half the plant is on fire while the other half is iced over and you mean to tell me you’re worried about what someone else says about you?

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#HoneyMoon #FullMoon #FridayTheThirteenth #CloudKickin 🌕☁️✨

#HoneyMoon #FullMoon #FridayTheThirteenth #CloudKickin 🌕☁️✨

There is no difference between you and a tree or a mountain, a sky or the ocean.
The whole universe is composed of hydrogen atoms.
So you’re nothing but a hydrogen atom.
How does it feel to be a hydrogen atom?
See how your mind begins to think?
It’s difficult for most of you to stay silent.
You are not required to understand a thing I say.
I speak utter nonsense.

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